Key folks

A lot of people are working either directly on the FORTAG vision or on related projects with strong overlap and similar direction.

The core volunteer team of FORTAG proponents includes:

Fred Watson - FORTAG proponent & Professor - CSUMB
Scott Waltz - FORTAG proponent & Professor - CSUMB & Sierra Club
Margaret Davis - Friends of the Fort Ord Warhorse & Marina Planning Commissioner
Gail Morton - Marina City Councilor & FORA Boardmember

Folks we're working with, or have met with "one-on-one" about FORTAG

Abraham Benheim - Studio Gang, Consultants
Alan Haffa - Councilmember, City of Monterey
Alec Arago - District Director - US Rep. Sam Farr
Alison Kerr - Mayor, City of Del Rey Oaks
Alyssa Kispersky - Councilmember, City of Seaside
Amelia Conlen - Transportation Planner, Ecology Action
Amity Wood - Education and Outreach Coordinator - Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Andre Lewis - Associate Vice President for University Affairs - CSUMB
Andrea Renny - City Traffic Engineer, City of Monterey
Andy Hunter - Senior Civil Engineer, Whitson Engineers
Andy Sterbenz - Senior Project Manager, Schaaf and Wheeler Consulting Civil Engineers
Anya Spear - Associate Director of Campus Planning - CSUMB
Ariana Green - Transportation Planner - TAMC
Ashley Quackenbush - Assistant Planner - Denise Duffy & Associates
Bernard Green - Student Transportation Outreach Coordinator, CSUMB
Beth Palmer - Chief Operating Officer - Monterey Downs
Bill Collins - BRAC Environmental Coordinator, Department of the Army
Bill Weigle - Sustainable Seaside / KFOW
Bob Guidi - Community Planner - Presidio of Monterey
Brad Slama - Developer - Monterey Peninsula Properties
Brandy Rider - Planning Division Chief - Caltrans
Brian Boudreau - Principal - Monterey Downs
Brian LeNeve - Past President - California Native Plant Society, Monterey Bay Chapter
Brian McMinn - Public Works Director/City Engineer - City of Marina
Bruce Delgado - Mayor - City of Marina
Bryan Jones - Principal - Alta Planning + Design
Bud Colligan - Co-Chair, Monterey Bay Economic Partnership (MBEP)
Caine Camarillo - Supervising Ranger - MPRPD
Candace Ingram - Executive Director - Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Foundation
Carl Holm - Deputy Director of Resource Management Agency - Monterey County
Chris Hartzell - Vice President - Monterey Audubon Society
Chris Mack - Keep Fort Ord Wild
Chris Stump - Land Development Manager, Shea Homes (Marina Community Partners)
Christine di Iorio - (former) Director of Community Development - City of Marina
Chris Placco - Associate Vice President, Campus Planning & Development, CSUMB
Christine Moss - Director - MPRPD
Chuck Harmon - Head of School, York School
Chuck Lande - President - The Chadmar Group (Marina Heights developer)
Colin Burgett - Senior Project Manager - TJKM
Crag Malin - City Manager, City of Seaside
Dan Albro - Sustainable Del Rey Oaks
Dan Dawson - (now former) City Manager - City of Del Rey Oaks
Dan Fernandez - Professor & co-Coordinator of Environmental Studies Program - CSUMB
Dave Pacheco - Councilman - City of Seaside
David Daitch - Biologist, Rincon Consultants
David Eisen - Project Manager, US Army Corps of Engineers
David Schmalz - Monterey County Weekly
Deb Hillyard - Conservation Planner - CDFW
Debbie Hale - Executive Director - TAMC
Dino Pick - City Manager - City of Del Rey Oaks
Don Hofer - Manager - Marina Community Partners ("The Dunes")
Donna Blitzer - Director, Government & Community Relations - UC Santa Cruz
Dave Potter - Supervisor - District 5 - Monterey County
David Moore - Outdoor Recreation Planner - BLM
Darius Rike - Past President & Webmaster - MORCA
Don Gruber - Resident, Del Rey Oaks
Don Roberson - Audubon
Eddie Falcon - Manager - Central Coast Veterans Cemetery
Eduardo Ochoa - President - CSUMB
Elizabeth Caraker - Principal Planner, City of Monterey
Ellen Anderson - Studio Gang, Consultants
Eric Petersen - Chair, TAMC Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities Advisory Committee
Erica Parker - Field Representative for Assemblymember Mark Stone
Erin Harwayne - Senior Planner/Environmental Scientist - DDA
Eric Morgan - Natural Area Manager - BLM
Eric Yurkovich - Senior Associate - Raimi + associates
Fernanda Roveri - Planner, City of Monterey
Fred Aegerter - Director of Community Development, City of Marina
Gail Morton - Councilwoman - City of Marina
Gage Dayton - Administrative Director - UCSC Natural Reserve system
Gary Kreeger - Resident, Del Rey Oaks
Gina Schmidt - GIS Coordinator, AMBAG
Gloria Stearns - Economic Development Program Manager - City of Seaside
Gordon Smith - Veterans Wild Fort Ord
Graham Bice - Managing Director - UC-MBEST Center
Greg Pool - Director of Communications & Marketing, CSUMB
Hanna Muegge - GIS & Planning Intern - AMBAG
Hank Myers - Senior Transportation Planning Engineer - TAMC
Heather Adamson - Director of Planning - AMBAG
Henrietta Stern - Secretary & FORA/ESCA Liaison - MORCA. Community leader - FORT Friends
Hunter Harvath - Assistant General Manager, Finance & Administration - MST
Jackie Nelson - Environmental Education Supervisor - MPRPD
Jake Martin - Biologist - USFWS
James Powell - Alta Planning + Design
Jane Haines - Land use lawyer - retired
Jane Parker - Supervisor - District 4 - Monterey County
Jason Campbell - Councilmember, City of Seaside
Jason King - Project Director & Town Planner - Dover-Kohl Partners
Jeannette Tuitele-Lewis - Cheif Executive Officer - BSLT
Jenny Duggan - Assistant Professor, Wildlife Biology - CSUMB
Jim Arnold - Senior Project Manager - FORA
Jim Bilz - Superintendent - Monterey Sector - CA Dept of Parks and Recreation
Jim Fletcher - President, Northern CA Division, Benchmark Communities (East Garrison)
Joan Carpenter - Civil Engineer - State Parks
Joe Sidor - Monterey Airport Land Use Commission
Joel Trice - President - MORCA
Joel Weinstein - Sierra Club
John Dalessio - Director - MPRPD
John Dunn - General Manager - City of Seaside
John Guertin - Deputy Director - Resource Management Agency, Monterey County
John Hiles - District Maintenance Chief - Monterey District - CA Dept of Parks and Recreation
John Reid - Strategic Management Consultant - Chartwell School
John Petrovich - Developer
John Elliott - Chief, Master Planning Division - Presidio of Monterey
John Marker - (former) Associate Vice President, Facilities Services & Operations - CSUMB
Jon Wizard - Councilmember, City of Seaside
Jonathan Brinkmann / Garcia - Senior Planner - FORA
Josh Metz - Economic Development Coordinator - FORA (Associate Planner prior to mid-2015)
Joyce Nichols - Land Agent - Pacific Gas & Electric
Justin Meek - Senior Planner - City of Marina
Karen Harris - Sustainable Del Rey Oaks
Kate Daniels Kurz - Chief of Staff to Mo. Co. Supervisor Mary Adams
Kate Gibberson - Director - Harris & Associates
Kathleen Lee - President - MPRPD
Kathleen Ventimiglia - Director for Campus Planning and Development - CSUMB
Katie LaPlace - Senior Construction/ Project Manager, CSUMB
Katie Pofahl - Director - MPRPD
Kay Cline - Sustainable Seaside
Kayla Jones - Councilwoman - City of Seaside
Keith DeFiebre - Owner / Manager - CCCX
Keith Van Der Maarten - General Manager - Marina Coast Water District
Kelly Miller - Rincon Consultants
Kelly Sorenson - Secretary/Treasurer - MPRPD
Kelsey Liebenson-Morse - Journalist - Monterey County Weekly
Kevin Raskoff - (then aspiring) Board Member, MPRPD
Kevin Saunders - Vice President for Administration and Finance - CSUMB
Kim Shirley - Sustainable Del Rey Oaks
Kristen Rice - City of Seaside
Kristi Markey - Chief of Staff for Supervisor Parker - Monterey County
Kurt Overmeyer - Economic Development Program Manager, City of Seaside
Lacey Raak - Sustainability Director - CSUMB
Larry Samuels - Chief of Staff, Office of the President, CSUMB
Laura Lee Lienk - Co-Director, The Watershed Institute - CSUMB
Laurie Waters - Associate Deputy Director, California Transportation Commission
Layne Buckley - Council Member, City of Del Rey Oaks
Layne Long - City Manager - City of Marina
Leslie Llantero - City of Montera
Lisa Berkley - Councilmember, City of Marina
Lisa Brinton - Community & Economic Development Services Manager - City of Seaside
Lisa Rheinheimer - Director of Planning & Development - Monterey-Salinas Transit
Lisa Uttal - Education Specialist - Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Martin Orradre - Vice President of Operations, RAMCO (farming)
Madilyn Jacobsen - Transportation Planner, TAMC
Marcel Forte - Associate Vice President, Facilities Services & Operations - CSUMB
Maris Sidenstecker - Sustainable Del Rey Oaks
Margaret Davis - FORTAG & Friends of the Fort Ord Warhorse & Marina Planning Commissioner
Mark Stone - State Assemblymember - 29th Assembly District
Marti Noel - Assistant Redevelopment Director - Monterey County
Mary Israel - Administrative Coordinator - FORA
Mary Adams - Monterey County Supervisor
Mary Israel - Administrative Coordinator, FORA
Matt McCluney - Senior Transportation Planner, CSUMB
Maura Twomey - Executive Director - AMBAG
Maureen Hamilton - MPRPD
Megan Jones - Senior Program Manager - Rincon Consultants
Meghan Pedroncelli - Student Intern, California Transportation Commission
Melanie Beretti - Program Manager, Resource Management Agency, Monterey County
Merle Witvoet - Disc Golf Instructor - CSUMB
Michael Houlemard - Executive Officer, FORA
Michael Salerno - Keep Fort Ord Wild
Mike Bellinger - Principal - BFS
Mike DeLapa - Interim Executive Director - LandWatch Monterey County
Mike Gallant - Business Development Transit Planner - Monterey-Salinas Transit
Mike Lerch - Associate Director, Facilities Services & Operations - CSUMB
Mike Wegley - District Engineer - Marina Coast Water District
Mike Zeller - Senior Transportation Planner - TAMC
Michael Salerno - Member - Keep Fort Ord Wild
Megan Tolbert - (former) Transportation Planner - CSUMB
Mike McCullogh - Recycled Water Program Assistant, Monterey One Water
Mitsugu Mori - Businessman, Del Rey Oaks
Natalie Zayas Delgado - Citizens for Sustainable Marina
Neal Payton - Principal, Torti Gallas + Partners
Nick Madronio - Treasurer - MORCA
Nick Papadakis - Chair, Monterey Bay Charter School Foundation, Board of Directors
Nicole Charles - District Director, Senator William W. Monning, State Senate District 17
Nikki Nedeff - California Native Plant Society
Patrick Breen - Water Resources Manager, Marina Coast Water District
Paul Bruno - Principal & CFO - MPE
Paul Michel - Superintendent - Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Paul Petrovich - Developer
Paul Sciuto - General Manager, Monterey One Water
Peter Mikhail - Developer
Peter Said - Project Manager, Fort Ord Reuse Authority (FORA)
Peter Taormina - Vice President / Principal, Engineering & Estimating - MPE
Phil Craig - Vice President - MORCA
Quinton Roland
Rafael Payan - General Manager - MPRPD
Rachel Saunders - Associate Director of Conservation - BSLT
Ray Parks - Principal Architect - Ray Parks & Associates - with Cypress Knolls development
Rich Deal - Principal Engineer - TAMC. (formerly City Traffic Engineer - City of Monterey)
Richard Connell - CSUMB
Rick Boggs - GIS specialist - CSUMB
Rick Medina - Senior Planner, City of Seaside
Rick Reidl - City Engineer, City of Seaside. District Engineer, Seaside County Sanitation District
Rita Caratello - Audubon
Rita Dalessio - Sierra Club
Rogelio Huerta
Ryan Whitelaw - Board Member, Greenway Santa Cruz County
Sam Farr - U.S. Congressman
Samantha Kerr - Biologist, Rincon Consultants
Sara Breneman - Marketing Director, Benchmark Communities, Northern CA Div. (East Garrison)
Sarah Hardgrave - Conservation Programs Manager - BSLT
Scott Donaldson - Resident, Del Rey Oaks
Scott Hennessy - Resource management consultant
Scott Ottmar - Junior Engineer, City of Seaside
Sean Kranyak - Developer - Monterey Peninsula Properties
Sean McStay - Steward - UC-FONR
Sean Tillema - Project Manager - The Chadmar Group (Marina Heights developer)
Shelley Glennon - Monterey Airport Land Use Commission
Shyam Kamath - Dean of Business - CSUMB
Stacey Hadland - Capital Project Coordinator, CSUMB
Stan Cook - Senior Program Manager - FORA
Stefania Castillo - Transportation Planner, TAMC
Stephen Svete - Principal - Rincon Consultants
Steve Endsley - Assistant Executive Officer - FORA
Steve Bachman - Senior Park & Recreation Specialist & Senior Environ. Scientist - State Parks
Steve Frieson - Engineer, ALta Planning + Design
Steve Matarazzo - Planning Director - UC MBEST center (formerly Senior Consultant, Pacific Municipal Consultants, for UCMBEST)
Steve Robinson - Associate Transportation Engineer - Wood Rodgers
Steve Wiesenthal - Studio Gang, Consultants
Steve Zmak - Photographer & Graphic Artist - Zmak Creative - Sierra Club
Suzy Worcester - Professor & co-Coordinator of Environmental Studies Program - CSUMB
Tammy Jakl - Park Ranger, BLM
Tanya Diamond - Wildlife Biologist / GIS Analyst, Pathways for Wildlife
Ted Lopez - Associate Planner - FORA
Terah Donovan - Conservation Planner - ICF
Teresa Rodgers - Technical Lead, US Army Corp of Engineers
Theresa Szymanis - Planning Services Manager - City of Marina
Thomas Bodary - GIS Manager - Presidio of Monterey
Tim Jensen - Planning and Conservation Manager - MPRPD
Tim O'Halloran - City Engineer / Public Works Services Manager - City of Seaside
Todd Muck - Deputy Executive Director - TAMC
Tom Ghigliotto - Field Oversight Inspector, Chenega LLC, Contractor to US Army Corps of Eng.
Tony Lombardo - Anthony Lombardo & Associates (lawyers)
Vicki Nakamura - Assistant to the President - Monterey Peninsula College
Victoria Beach - Councilwoman - City of Carmel by the Sea
Walter Tribley - President - Monterey Peninsula College
Wendy Elliott - Senior staff - MCP