FORTAG and Frog Pond


In 1971 and 1984, the county Board of Supervisors approved regionally interconnected Trails Plans traversing the Frog Pond area, Canyon Del Rey, and portions of Fort Ord.

In 1977 the Park District acquired the "Frog Pond Natural Area".

In 1991, the Park District submitted a successful application to receive the portion of the former Fort Ord directly east of it's existing Frog Pond property, more than doubling the size of the protected Frog Pond natural areas.

In 1992, the Parklands Group of environmental non-profit organizations proposed a network of recreational trails in the former Fort Ord near Frog Pond, with access and parking facilities at the Canyon Del Rey entrance to North-South Road.

In 1999 the Park District requested a wheelchair accessible tunnel under what it is now General Jim Moore Boulevard, connecting the two halves of the Frog Pond natural area as one.

In 2016, the Board of Directors of the Fort Ord Reuse Authority approved a "Draft Trails Concept" representing FORTAG, including the section through the eastern Frog Pond parcels.

In 2017, the Board of Directors of the Park District passed a resolution supporting a FORTAG route at Frog Pond, including an underpass beneath General Jim Moore Boulevard.

In 2016, county voters approved the Measure X and $20M in funding for FORTAG, setting in motion a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to realize long-standing dreams for safe, accessible, pleasant ways of traveling to and through our communities and natural areas in and around the former Fort Ord.

In 2020, the Board of Directors of the Park District approved the FORTAG Master Agreement which includes a map of the FORTAG alignment going through portions of the Frog Pond parcels on both sides of General Jim Moore Boulevard.

This page is an unofficial description of Frog Pond and FORTAG's goals at Frog Pond - provided by Fred Watson & Scot Waltz, volunteers and co-founders of the FORTAG proposal.

  1. What is "Frog Pond"?
  2. History of Frog Pond
  3. FORTAG details at Frog Pond
  4. Maps relating to SBR, CDRB, and GJMB - surplus lands etc.
  5. Update 9th Feb 2020 - New maps and a pros/cons table
  6. Slides presented to MPRPD Board 12 Feb 2020 (60 MB PDF file)

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